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Desperate Housewives Spoilers

Much akin to Lost, Desperate Housewives is another widely popular show that’s had a great run and should be beginning to wind down soon. Originally I started following the show only because my girlfriend is a big fan, but admittedly I’ve been sucked in and count myself as a loyal audience viewer. If you’re looking for some season 5 spoilers, I’ve been snooping around to see what I can pull up. As these are spoilers I can’t guarantee their accuracy, but you’ll find out one way or the other when the episodes air in November, eh?

From what I’ve gathered, episode six of season five is entitled “There’s Always a Woman” and will revolve around one of the Scavo teens being on lockdown and unable to join a friend for some partying and drinking. Susan also goes to Jackson’s apartment after they recently broke up only to find a naked woman in his apartment, leading to an argument about Jackson’s true identity. An older woman wants Carlos to be his personal massage therapist while she vacations in Europe for two months, and she’s willing to pay top dollar, so Gabby is all for the trip. After some time, however, she may change her mind once she discover’s the woman’s true intentions.

Episode seven of season five is called “What More do I need” and will involve Tom and Lynette discovering that someone has been stealing from the cash box. The culprit is apparently taking the money to buy pot, and offers to return the money in exchange for their silence. As one might expect however, there’s more to the story and there’s likely to be some blackmail involved somewhere along the way.

Episode eight of season five will prove to be one of the most exciting episodes yet, with a fire raging through the town and a daring rescue that leaves a hero in the reluctant spot light. Susan and Julie have an extensive conversation about their respective boyfriends as well. Julie’s older boyfriend ends up alone with Susan and asks her what she thinks about the relationship exactly. This is all well and good right up until she finds out that he’s been married three times and is considering a fourth. A woman pretends to be the Solises’ kids’ grandmother and then has the baby sitter leave the kids under her care.

Episode nine of season five is a little hazy ond etails, but revolves around a good-looking plastic surgeon who happens to be gay and his boyfriend wants him to meet the family.

I think that’s enough to keep us fans going for the time being eh? I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more details on upcoming episodes.

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