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Not So Shocking Deaths Revealed on Desperate Housewives

DHSunday night on Desperate Housewives, we finally found out who didn’t survive Wisteria Lane’s plane crash. The episode also gave us a look at what the future would look like for the women if things had been different. Each of the ladies imagined an alternate future as they asked themselves, “What if?”

If you remember the last episode before the show went on a brief hiatus, you’ll remember that Orson and Karl were sparring in Santa’s cottage just before a plane leveled it and Mona was clipped by a wing of the plane just as she threatened to blackmail Angie and Nick while Lynette dove in front of the plane to save Celia from getting hit.

The dream sequences began with Susan’s fantasy. She gave Karl another chance after discovering he cheated on her. The stress of her decision causes her to put on some weight, then lose it (along with Mike) before Karl ends up leaving her anyway. In reality, Karl dies which Susan says makes her feel “grateful.”

Bree also visualizes what her life would be like if Karl didn’t die and they were together. Inevitably, she pictures herself finding him in bed with her yoga instructor. We also see her go to Orson’s one-room bachelor apartment after he dies of a heart attack. They haven’t spoken in 10 years, the landlady tells her that it was almost like he died of a broken heart.
Hopefully that fantasy will help her get through the rough road ahead since Orson is out of danger, but there’s a good chance he’ll be paralyzed.

Lynette’s post-crash injuries put one of the twins in jeopardy and she’s rushed into surgery. She dreams of her devastation as she faces her infant son’s physical therapy and, later, teaches him self-reliance. We then see her unborn son give a speech at his law-school graduation, in which he thanks Lynette for her support. Unfortunately, a dream is all it will be since one of the twins has died, but the other is fine.

What did you think of the plane crash and its consequences?

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